About us

CrankUP is an idea, that came to the world not a long ago. Two software testing professionals from two different countries sat down and started discussing opportunities and pains of their respective markets. They came to realization that there is a lot of to improve upon and even much more to learn from their respective experiences.

We noticed that developers are industrious and creative people that are really driven by what they are trying to achieve.

However, this inspiring dedication is susceptible to gritty reality of development process.

In reality, producing software is comprised not only of satisfying problem solving or creative design ideas, but mostly of menial, uninteresting job of testing & verifying of how and if your idea works in practice.

CrankUP wants to alleviate that. We want developers to be developers.

Your time is priceless and we want to make the job of finding & fixing issues as easy as possible. Our international background enables us to create teams of mixed backgrounds and expertise, utilizing european job markets to maximum.